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The Village Acting Studio

Rooted in a shared love for actors and a joint mission to provide essential tools for a successful acting careers, Christy Faison and Jami Rudofsky founded The Village Acting Studio.

With a collective 25 years and counting of casting experience, Christy & Jami know what works in auditions in the room and with self-tapes and virtual auditions. Each class The Village offers is crafted to impart techniques and tools that they believe will truly set you apart. Our approach is personal and straightforward – an individualized approach crafted to meet you where you are and help you get you where you want to go in your career.

More than just Teachers and Casting Directors, Christy & Jami are passionate community builders. They are dedicated to cultivating an atmosphere where you can fearlessly explore your craft, surrounded by the unwavering support of a nurturing community.

Get To Know Us

We work hard to make The Village a safe and supportive space and we don’t do it alone.

We have a team of Instructors who offer fresh perspectives on how to grow with the ever-changing industry.

Meet Our Team

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