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Online Workshop


INSTRUCTORS: Susan Leslie & Parker Mills

6 Weeks
Dates: 2023 TBD
Performance: 2023 Performance TBD

This class fills up quickly. Space is limited. Sign up TODAY!

Performing Solo is a 6 week solo-performance/storytelling class that will help you to take control of your career by developing material that showcases your own unique voice.


So many times we see actors approach their craft as "playing a role" or "playing a character." The person on the page is something outside of themselves and not as a living, breathing human being. The script provides "who" the character is but what makes a performance stand-out is when an actor is able to filter the character through themselves; filling in the blanks with their own personal lives and experiences. 

Performing Solo will strengthen all areas of your acting work, because every character you'll ever play begins with YOU, once you can effectively tell your own story, you can tell anyone's.  


In this six week class you will:

  1. Find where the “story” lives in you.

  2. Develop the tools to effectively express that story.

  3. Write and workshop a monologue that is truly unique to you and could grow into a solo show, screenplay or short film.

  4. Be given the opportunity perform your work in front of an audience of family, friends, and invited industry guests

  5. Finish the class with a high definition video of your performance. 

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