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Audition Practice


The path to stand out auditions starts with a strong foundation, consistency, commitment, and the desire to become stronger and more confident. Auditioning is not just a step in your career journey; it's a crucial skill that demands continuous refinement. We believe weekly reps are the key to transforming auditioning from a daunting task into a finely honed skill. Through consistent and targeted practice, you will develop the poise and assurance needed to stand out in the audition room. 

The Village Acting Studio

Ongoing, in-person course

Monday 7pm PST

Cost: $285.00/month 

We understand that confidence in auditions is directly linked to practice and preparation. Our class provides a supportive environment, where you can do your best work, fostering the confidence needed to shine in auditions.

Class size is limited so sign up today! 


Invaluable Guidance and Insights

Benefit from the experience offered by Casting Directors Christy Faison & Jami Rudofsky, boasting a combined 25 years of casting expertise. Receive actionable feedback that goes beyond the surface, encouraging you to dig deeper and refine your established preparation techniques.

Tailored for Every Actor

No two actors are the same, and that's why each week's assignment is personalized to YOU. Tailored to your strengths and areas of improvement, our assignments cover a variety of audition material from both television and film.

(Please note: this class is an educational opportunity only. Your participation in this class does not constitute a pre-read or real audition. All materials used in class are from previously produced and aired projects.  Everyone at The Village provides a safe, constructive learning experience for all students.)

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