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Inside Voice


Over the course of four weeks, we will delve into different genres of voice over work, from commercial to animation, and everything in between. You'll learn the technical basics of producing industry standard auditions from home, including microphone technique and editing software. Most importantly, we’ll have fun discovering your voice’s unique qualities and your own preferences in order to identify a solid, enjoyable path into your VO journey, rather than diving into the whole pie face first - just like with the rest of your acting work, you gotta love it!


There’s plenty of work out there for each voice; by the end of the 4 weeks, you will be armed with a strategic plan to have your voice heard!

Inside Voice

4 weeks - Online course

Dates: July 11th - August 1st

Time: 11am-2pm PST

Cost:  $325.00 for 4 classes


Class size is limited. 


Technical set up instruction on your own device during first class

• Shared mistress screen for optimized learning of software and editing techniques (Audacity/Twisted Wave)

• Homework recording practice for feedback each week

• Constructive review and troubleshooting

Week 1: ONLINE - 11am

VO overview, focus on promos and tech.

Week 2: ONLINE - 11am

Playback/feedback on homework. Focus on TV and radio commercials and the differences in requested styles.

Week 3: ONLINE - 11am

Playback/feedback on homework. Focus on dubbing and video games this week. Efforts, matching lip flaps, working with character visuals.


Week 4: ONLINE - 11am

Playback/feedback on homework. Focus on animation this week: all the fun! Play techniques to create a voice, vocal techniques to tweak – pitch, pace, impediments, accent.

Cerris Morgan-Moyer
Cerris Morgan-Moyer BIO

Growing up in a remote Cornish beach village, Cerris (Keh-ris) began creating stories out of nature and her imagination as a wee sprite and hasn’t stopped since.


Having learned the tech side of voiceover with a right brain and on a budget, Cerris is thrilled to share those learnings. Cerris is also passionate about work/life/spirit balance: this has become a foundation of her teaching practice. 

Cerris’ film/TV credits include Appaloosa, Our Flag Means Death, FBI: International, The Fourth Wall, Snowbound, Beatrice, Rule of Three, Wall/Paper and Days of Our Lives.


Cerris’ voice is featured touring globally in IBM’s Think exhibit and Watson installations and in a variety of films, audiobooks, animated series, video games and ad campaigns. She also serves as voice match for several franchises.


Before taking class with Cerris, the voice over world felt very vast and overwhelming. After just day one, I felt the fog lift. By the end of the full session, I had a total grip on the world, and felt I knew clearly what next step to take. The class went beyond my expectations -- I had no idea the scope of differences and nuances between genres within the voice over sphere, and now I do. Additionally and perhaps most importantly for me, I have a clear understanding of the tech side, making recording feel like a fun task instead of a daunting one. I absolutely recommend this class to my fellow actors -- It's the perfect launching pad into the voice over space. You'll leave the session with a new community of people within the world. Also -- Cerris is the BEST -- her wealth of knowledge is formidable and her kind and joyful approach to teaching makes class FUN.

Katey Zouck

Katey Zouck.jpg

I was hoping to have a better understanding of how to do voice over work. This course exceeded my novice expectations as I was able to go from true beginner to feeling confident to now be submitting for roles. I loved how personalised it was. I didn't feel like a number in a large room, I felt seen, heard and actually had one on one feedback that I can now know exactly what I need to work on. I loved Cerris - I think she is a wonderful teacher. She is postive and constructive in the best way and I wanted to work hard for her. Don't hestitate - just book it and commit to being a better actor/ performer and artist. So much to learn and grow from. Such a fun course and experience with actual skills I can add to my tool belt.

Tracey Benson

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