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Co-Founder of The Village / Instructor

A Bit About Jami

Most people say Jami’s energetic vibe is “SO New York”, but she’s actually from Denver, CO. She made her way to L.A. for college, and after receiving a BFA from UCLA she dove into Casting and has not looked back.


As a Casting Director for over 25 years Jami has cast every type of project you can think of. She has cast pilots and series for ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, SHOWTIME, NETFLIX, you name it she's done it. But to this day, Jami's - most notable casting gig was Gilmore Girls and Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life.


Jami's roots started in Theater and she continues to cast plays and musicals all over Los Angeles. She is the resident Casting Director for the multi award winning Celebration Theatre. As a teacher, Jami has taught for many Universities and acting studios. She approaches her work with compassion and deep respect, and strives to give actors a greater ability to trust their work, win roles and most importantly book the room.


She is partnered with Christy Faison both in Casting and at The Village Acting Studio several years ago and has not looked back.



Los Angeles

As a casting director, Jami Rudofsky was always a favorite. She’s a great reader that really cared about the work. She brings that same energy into her classes. She’s preparing actors for auditions and for this business with an open heart and a thoroughly creative space. 



Working alongside Jami for years, I was constantly amazed by her ability to cultivate talent. Not just to see talent, but to dig deeper and find the talent simmering inside. Her knack for quickly uncovering an actor’s strength is uncanny.


Los Angeles

I can honestly say without a doubt that Jami’s on-camera audition class is the best in LA. She not only brings her experience as a casting director to the class but she is also a gifted teacher. She has a way of making the class fresh by mixing up themes and assigning work for us to bring in or choose for others. That’s a WELCOMED difference from other classes where we are just asked to choose a scene to bring in week after week. This is the one class I take that actually prepares me for walking in the room and doing my best work.

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