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Series Regular Intensive


We know a series regular when we see one. How? Because we’ve cast pilots for all of the major networks. We have experienced that special something that an actor brings to the room and makes them stand out. We know that booking a Series Regular is a goal most actors strive for, that’s why we created this class.


During the 8 weeks, you will receive one-on-one guidance, highlighting where you shine, where you can polish your approach, and specific and actionable feedback. But to be in this class you have to put in the work. The assignments are personalized, challenging, and dense. It is the kind of material you will be asked to prepare for a series regular audition, which means you better be ready and willing to take it all on.


Auditioning for a Series Regular is a beast in and of itself, but putting in reps week after week will strengthen that particular muscle and give you the confidence to go into rooms like it’s no big deal. 


You deserve a seat at the table and we will help you get there.

Dominic Ona-Ariki, The Village Acting Studio, Christy Faison, Jami Rudofsky, Series REgular class


the village acting studio
"I can’t say enough positive things about the Series Regular Intensive! Christy and Jami take such incredible time and care to create a space in which you can truly discover and develop your voice as an artist. They select material specifically for you, so over the course of the class, you come to really understand how casting sees you and your essence. They’re both always so supportive, while also guiding you to a deeper understanding of material, character and story. The class also attracts such high level of talent, just being in the room is a master class every week. I leave feeling so creatively fulfilled after every class. I’ve taken 2 rounds already and will definitely be back for more!"

Erica Ibsen

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