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How MJ Helped Me Become a Cheerleader: A Lesson in Determination

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

by Christy Faison

Today, I wanted to share a personal story about my time as a cheerleader for the University of Minnesota. It was a challenging experience that taught me a valuable lesson in determination and the power of adopting a winning mindset.

When I decided to try out for the team, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The major requirement needed was a standing back tuck, which was no easy feat for someone like me who could barely do a cartwheel. But I was determined to make the team, so I picked up my pompoms and got to work.

First step, I had to learn what a standing back tuck was. Then, I had to have someone show me how to do it properly. From there, I had to spend hours upon hours of practice in the gym.

But my biggest obstacle wasn't physical - it was mental. I kept psyching myself out and doubting my abilities.

That's when I turned to my secret weapon - my obsession with Michael Jordan. I asked myself, "What would MJ do?" Just like Mike, I didn't entertain the possibility of failure. I focused on technique and building a strong foundation, practicing morning, noon, and night, and when it came time for my try-out, I had my game face on and trusted that all my hard work would pay off.

Adopting MJ's mindset isn't just applicable to cheerleading though. It can be applied to any aspect of life - including the acting and audition world. With a strong foundation and unwavering determination, there's no doubt that you'll land on your feet.

So if you're ever feeling discouraged or unsure of yourself, just remember - be like Mike! And who knows, maybe you'll surprise yourself with what you're capable of achieving.

The power of adopting a winning mindset cannot be underestimated. Whether you're a cheerleader or an actor, determination and a strong foundation can take you far. So next time you're facing a challenge, channel your inner Michael Jordan and go for it!

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