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The Audition Workout


Auditioning is an essential part of your career, and in order to stay sharp, you must workout. That's where The Audition Workout comes in whether you prefer in-person classes or the convenience of Zoom, we've got you covered.


The Audition Workout is designed to strengthen your acting muscles, learn new techniques, explore your emotional range and break out of your comfort zone. Each week’s workout is personalized to YOU. You will work on varied audition material from television and film. 

With over 25 years of casting experience between us, we will give you actionable feedback, encourage you to dig deeper, and hone your established preparation techniques. 

The path to stand out auditions starts with a strong foundation, consistency, commitment, and the desire to become stronger and more confident. JOIN US. We’ve got your back!



$285 for 4 classes/month + one 30 minute career consultation

Team-taught by Jami Rudofsky & Christy Faison


MONDAY 7pm, In-Studio


FRIDAY 3pm PST, Zoom

(Please note: this class is an educational opportunity only. Your participation in this class does not constitute a pre-read or real audition. All materials used in class are from previously produced and aired projects.  Everyone at The Village provides a safe, constructive learning experience for all students.)

Take us for a test drive!

FREE one day class where you work on audition sides chosen by us!

NEXT CLASS: Tuesday, August 15th, 7pm at our studio in Burbank.

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