The Art of Social Media for Actors

Online Workshop

Social Media for Actors

INSTRUCTOR: Cassidy Davis



Is social media really that important to my career?

What should I be posting on Instagram, and how often?!

How do I get more followers?

WTF is a Reel?!?!


All of these questions (and more) will be answered in our social media class with Instagram Expert: Cassidy Davis.


In this class she'll teach you:

  • The 9 things your Instagram account NEEDS TO HAVE in order to find and maintain the growth you’re looking for.

  • The 3 things that make an effective Instagram bio.

  • How often you should be posting and some posting ideas to help you get started!

  • How to find the perfect hashtags for you.

  • How you can use social media to connect with Casting Directors, Producers, Directors, etc in a fun, not creepy way.

  • The Instagram trends she's utilizing in 2022!

COST: $25.00


Cassidy is an actor/producer, and she's the CEO of Nash Media, a boutique social media agency that helps clients all over the world manage and grow their online presences. She is an expert in the world of social media, and coming from an acting background, she knows exactly how to utilize these strategies to help actors connect with people authentically and consistently. (And no, it doesn't mean you have to start learning TikTok dances...)