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Fridays     3:00PM PST

The industry has changed and so must we. Self-tapes, Zoom pre-reads, producer sessions and chemistry reads are not going away anytime soon. So, what are we going to do? We’re going to get to work, that’s what. You’re going to rise to the challenge and let your work shine through because that above all, is the most important thing.


Each week, you will receive assignments with specific challenges. Including but not limited to: self-tapes, paired readings, chemistry reads and mock audition scenarios. We will work together over Zoom and give you actionable feedback on performance and any technical challenges. 


Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to work with us, two Casting Directors who have over 25 years of experience and know what it takes to make your audition stand-out. At the end of these 4 weeks, you will have perfected all online audition scenarios AND made connections with fellow actors from all over the world.




Time: 3pm PST

Class size: 12

Cost: $285 USD/month

We do not prorate but the following make up class options are offered:

- Self-tape the assignment and send it in for feedback.

- 15-minute one-on-one with Instructor.


Classes are educational and should not be considered an employment opportunity or audition. Attending classes is not a way to obtain employment as an actor. The presence of a casting director, or any other industry professional is neither a guarantee or promise of employment. As we are an educational institution, the use of the studio and faculty’s names and likenesses for any professional or personal purposes without our permission is strictly prohibited.

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