Online Workshop


We know from over 20 years of casting experience that the way to stand out both in an audition room is to bring yourself to the role. Through a variety of assignments, class structures, and materials, our ongoing classes are designed to give you the skills and confidence to do that no matter the circumstance or material.


Ongoing classes at the Village enable you to hone your technique and deepen your mastery in a consistent, supportive community, with teachers that are as familiar with you, your work, and your skills, as they are with the casting process.


Each class meets weekly. The Monday and Tuesday night classes are team-taught by Christy and Jami. Wednesday is taught solo by Christy, Thursday by Jami.     **STARTING SEPT 1, 2021 SOME ONGOING CLASSES WILL BE IN STUDIO.


The Monday and Tuesday night classes are team-taught by Christy and Jami. These classes focus on developing consistent, successful audition skills, as well as navigating the business side of the industry. You benefit from having two different perspectives that operate in concert to give you a more complete and thorough understanding of your work, and how you can best improve and grow.  Cost: $275.00/month


The Wednesday and Thursday night classes are taught individually by Christy or Jami. These classes are for actors who have been studying consistently, are actively working and/or auditioning, and have well-developed processes and craft. The class is structured to give the teacher a deeper familiarity with you, both as an actor and person, enabling them to hone in on the particular, idiosyncratic details that can allow you to succeed.  Cost: $275.00/month


Classes are educational and should not be considered an employment opportunity or audition. Attending classes is not a way to obtain employment as an actor. The presence of a casting director, or any other industry professional is neither a guarantee or promise of employment. As we are an educational institution, the use of the studio and faculty’s names and likenesses for any professional or personal purposes without our permission is strictly prohibited.