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Christy Faison & Jami Rudofsky

Working with Jami Rudofsky and Christy Faison, both together and individually, in this monthly class you will explore the self-tape audition process. Through assignments and exercises designed to keep you on your toes, you will learn pitfalls to avoid, how to deal with any audition situation, and how to take outside influences working against you, and turn them into gifts. Through Jami and Christy’s individual perspectives, you will master bringing  your best work to any casting room, while giving you the ability to modulate your on camera work based on their individual viewpoints.

Cost: We know that times are tough right now. With that in mind, we have lowered our rates. The cost for this class is $200/month


Online Audition Class - ZOOM

Instructors: Jami Rudofsky & Christy Faison

Mondays, 7-10pm via ZOOM