1. Monologues and videos sent after the deadlines will not be considered.


2. Writer and performer will be credited on the videos.


3. All video-taped monologues will live on the Village's YouTube page. Some may be showcased on the Village's IG, FB, TW pages. 

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Write a one minute monologue from the perspective of anyone (except you!) during this time. 

Either email your monologue to or 

by clicking on the Submit button below. 

You MUST submit a monologue to get a monologue.

Monologues are due Monday, May 18th.


Hello! We've begun to post the videos on our YouTube page. We're hoping to get them all posted by the end of June. Over 800 beautiful and inspired monologues that we think you will love. Click on the link below.

The Village Acting Studio YouTube link

GIVE/GET offers a way for you to create a thoughtful, humorous, creative piece, no more than one minute, to be performed by a like-minded artist - possibly someone you do not know yet, to widen your circle of collaboration. 


Details below.


After submitting your original monologue, we will send you someone else's to self-tape and more details about how to submit your self-tape.

Self-tapes are due Monday, May 25th.