1. Monologues and videos sent after the deadlines will not be considered.


2. Writer and performer will be credited on the videos.


3. All video-taped monologues will live on the Village's YouTube page. Some may be showcased on the Village's IG, FB, TW pages. 


Write a one minute monologue from the perspective of anyone (except you!) during this time. 

Either email your monologue to or 

by clicking on the Submit button below. 

You MUST submit a monologue to get a monologue.

Monologues are due Monday, May 18th.

GIVE/GET offers a way for you to create a thoughtful, humorous, creative piece, no more than one minute, to be performed by a like-minded artist - possibly someone you do not know yet, to widen your circle of collaboration. 


Details below.


After submitting your original monologue, we will send you someone else's to self-tape and more details about how to submit your self-tape.

Self-tapes are due Monday, May 25th.

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