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Tuesdays at the Village is ONLINE

Instructor: Caroline Liem 

Tuesdays, 5-8pm PST

Join us online from wherever you are in the world.

Which shows are perfect for your casting? Who casts them? We're working on your dream shows this month and how to finally connect who you are with your fave material. Reach out for more information. 

  • Explore scenes from shows you love. 

  • Write content inspired by your dream shows.

  • Assigned one on one scenes from your dream shows with feedback from my years casting film & television.

  • Create a surprise piece inspired yet again from one of your dream shows. Class members have created dance pieces, music, song lyrics, poems, short stories, and more...

  • Community while creating.



This class takes your reads from good to great by discovering your individual strengths, recognizing and working through challenges found in the audition room and on-set, and embrace what you bring to a role that no one else can. Through weekly on-camera practice you will improve your audition technique, hone your business skills, and sharpen your preparation, enabling you to be more  “present" and at ease, both in the audition room and in your work as a whole, delivering your best performance under any circumstance.

Cost: $265/month for 4 Tuesdays a month


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