Online Workshop


INSTRUCTORS: Christy Faison & Jami Rudofsky

8 Week Audition Intensive

Instructors: Christy Faison & Jami Rudofsky

Tuesdays, 7pm-10pm

Dates: April 13th - June 1st

Contact us for more information about the next session. 

This ONLINE 8-week class is a unique chance for you to work Casting Directors Christy Faison and Jami Rudofsky.

We will focus on the current casting climate creating a true audition experience and adding a variety of specific challenges that might be found out there in today's casting offices. 


Each week students will be assigned different material.


You will learn:

  • How to audition for different genres including: dramas, multi and single camera sitcoms, action and period pieces. 

  • How to make the action in a scene work within the confines of a self-tape.

  • How to reframe what roles you think you are "right" and "wrong" for.

  • How to prepare for scenes with a lot of medical. law or professional jargon. 

  • How to prepare for writer/directors that have a specific writing style and tone like Aaron Sorkin and Amy Sherman-Palladino (whom we've worked with).

And much more!

Cost: $400  for 8 weeks.

Two installments of $200.00